Roland OnSupport

OnSupport is a utility that Roland created to monitor your printer. You can use it to update your firmware, get printer related documnets, and monitor your printer for conditions and email you the results. Some of the useful “results” are job finished, errors, and ink low warnings. These are very useful for unattended printing using a take-up reel. You can download the software [here.]

Installing & Registering: Install the downloaded files and run as administrator. Once installed you will need to create an account. Press the login page and click the Create New Account link. Roland will send you an email that you will need to be confirmed in order for the account to be active. Look for the the email and click the link.

Adding Devices: Once confirmed you will need to add your device(s). Go the the EDIT-DEVICE MANAGEMENT menu and enter the IP address of the device you are installing and click the “Verify” button. If you have another device – click on the “plus” icon and add this device as well. Click the the OK button.

OnSupport will prompt you to assign the management of each device to this computer. OK this prompt and your device is managed by OnSupport.

The Product Information tab on the right will provide updated hardware and software manuals in PDF format for each managed device.

The Update tab on the right will show each device managed by OnSupport. If you see a red update icon – the software or device needs an update. Redundantly click the “check for updates” then “Execute Update” buttons to install updates. If you are installing firmwares – bring the machine up from sleep and return to sleep using the sub-power button – THEN click the “check for updates” then “Execute Update” buttons. Roland software can be quirky – so repeat the above instructions if the process fails.

The OnSupport Mail tab on the right does the monitoring fuctions of OnSupport. It is here that managed devices can be watched by OnSupport for conditions. Multiple Notification Lists can be made for different recipients groups.

Click the Edit Setting button to enter recipients and which conditions that you want to monitor. But first lets decide where we want our messages sent: I suspect that a text message is the most practical, convenient, and effective place to recieve a message. So how do you set up OnSupport for text messages? Your phone will receive text messages sent to a carrier specific email address. The format is dependant on your carrier. Below are a few common carrier and how messages are sent through email servers. If your carrier is not listed – do a google search for “(carrier) text email address”:

  • T-Mobile –
  • Virgin Mobile –
  • AT&T –
  • Sprint –
  • Verizon –
  • Tracfone –
  • Ting –
  • Boost Mobile –

Once you have your email address – create a new Notification List and list, Name the Settings Name and place these emails into the Mailto: list. Below are the four conditions that will be sent to the email list. You can customize the list by turning off those settings you don’t need (perhaps Job Started) and rename the Title and change the hashtag conditions.

Save these settings. To engage the monitoring press the RUN button. Emails will take a few minutes to get to your phone(s). Be aware that if the RUN button is not stopped you wil be getting a lot of texts – so turn off when not needed.

Now you can go the dinner and not worry that the ink will run out the minute you leave the shop.