VersaWorks – Basics

Roland does not really provide a single location for instruction on the use and operation of VersaWorks [RVW.] With that in mind this document attempts to place all that information in a readily accessible location. It is assumed that basic software operation is already understood – how to do basic loading of files, adjusting settings, etc.

VersaWorks [RVW] is a Roland RIP software provided with Roland printing equiment. A RIP [Raster Image Processor] is like a print driver that accepts an input file, allows for adjustments to settings and operation, and generates head firing and cut carriage commands to be sent to the printer. Some use the term Bridge Software – a bridge between the design software and the printer.

RIP software allows the operation/function of the printer to be seperated from the design software. This keeps the printing operation from locking up the design software and design software computer – and keeps a taxed design software function to not lock up the printer operation. It also allows the RIP software to reside on another computer – to fully insulate the printing from design – or allowing for multiple designers and a faster workflow.

Since Roland devices print on a wide variety of substrates, media types, and sizes – a driver would not have the capacity to handle all of the settings in an understandable and savable manner. It also allows for polling actual printable media width, and the addition of 4 capatible Roland devices in one RIP. Other connectivity functions are also handled by the RIP – i.e. Ink Levels.

RVW is essentially licensed by the attachment to the printer. Each installation can service 4 printers/devices – one being a cutter. The software can be installed on multiple computers and if network attached – all installations can print to the any of the printers when the printer is ready to print. Each installation must have matching profiles and settings to assure consistant prints across multiple computers. RVW5 and RVW6 can run silmultaneously (if needed), but RVW-Dual and RVW6 share a rendering engine and will not run simultaneously.

VersaWorks 6 Computer Specifications

Operating System

Windows® 10 (32/64 bit), Windows® 8.1 (32/64 bit), Windows® 7 Ultimate/Professional (32/64 bit)


Intel Core™ 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended


2GB or more recommended

Video card and monitor

A resolution of 1280 x 1024 or more recommended (must be 1024 vertical)

Free hard disk space

40 GB or more recommended

Optical drive

DVD-ROM (files from DVD-ROM can be copied to flash drive)


Internet connection recommended

RVW6 Supported Devices: EJ-640, LEF-12, LEF-12i, LEF-20, LEF-200, LEF-300, VG-540, VG-640, GS-24, GX-24, GX-300, GX-400, GX-500, GX-640, SG-300, SG-540, BN-20, XR-640, LEJ-640, LEC-330, LEC-540, RF-640, VS-300i, VS-540i, VS-640i, SP-300i, SP-540i, GR-420, GR-540, GR-640, RT-640, LEF2-200, VG2-540, VG2-640, LEF2-300, SG2-300, SG2-540, SG2-640, LEC2-300, LEF2-300D, VF2-640, XF-640

RVW5 Supported Devices:  AJ-1000, AJ-1000i, AJ-740, AJ-740i, BN-20, CJ-540, FJ-540, LEC-300, LEC-300A, LEC-330, LEC-540, LEF-12, LEF-20, LEJ-640, RE-640, RF-640, RS-540, RS-640, RT-640, SC-540EX, SC-545EX, SC-545EXW, SJ-1000, SJ-1045EX, SJ-540EX, SJ-545EX, SJ-640EX, SJ-645EX, SJ-740EX, SJ-745EX, SP-300, SP-300i, SP-300S, SP-300V, SP-300VS, SP-540i, SP-540V, VP-300, VP-300i, VP-540, VP-540i, VS-300, VS-300i, VS-420, VS-540, VS-540i, VS-640, VS-640i, XC-540, XC-540MT, XF-640, XJ-540, XJ-640, XJ-740, XR-640, FJ-740, FP-740, SP-540VS, GX-500, GX-400, GX-24, GS-24