Adobe Illustrator & VersaWorks

While I may not be an expert at Illustrator – I have many years working with Illustrator making files for the VersaWorks workflow. In this series of articles I am going to outline my approach.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will get new users up to speed not only quickly, but with a clean and fast approach. I am making the assumption that you have basic knowledge of Illustrator: you know how to open and save files – EPS and PDF; you can make a design in Illustraor at least in a basic manner; you know how to navigate, zoom, view in preview or outline; you know how to use VersaWorks.

  1. Loading Swatch Libraries
  2. Setting up your Workspace
  3. How to Set a Cutline / Using Layers
  4. Dual Monitors
  5. Shortcut Commands